Linux web development confessions of a Dreamweaver junkie

I’m hooked on Adobe. Dreamweaver does templates, code, WYSIWYG, active server pages, and more. Photoshop does everything else if there’s a pixel involved. But I’d like to be able to work on sites without booting into Windows.

After poking around on Google, it appears that Adobe really leads the pack when it comes to graphics and web development apps. Gimp is a decent replacement for some of the basic stuff you would do in Photoshop, but it’s limited by 8-bit per channel, where Photoshop allows 16. And the Linux apps in general seems to have forgotten about color correction. It’s not critical for web development, because ultimately, one doesn’t have control of the monitor quality of all the web visitors. So why bother, right?

As for a Dreamweaver replacement (or even a complement), it seems there are a few to consider. I ran across this post where NAyk discusses the positive and negative aspects of:

NVU – a bit like FrontPage. Actually, a lot like FrontPage in that both are being discontinued!

Komposer – an offshoot of NVU. I wasn’t even sure I found the official website. And it still says, “to be released in January 2007.” Doesn’t inspire confidence.

BlueFish – seems to be more for “coder” without a “designer” interface or templates. Uh, well then what does it have? Actually, I hardly use the designer view of Dreamweaver, but BlueFish lacks template support, so it gives me the impression it may be a glorified text editor. But I shall take a look and hope I’m surprised.

Quanta – from what I’ve seen, it’s supposed to be most like Dreamweaver. It may require installation of KDE-core on my lean and mean Xubuntu machine. Nuts. I’ll keep this in mind and give it a whirl and post about it.


4 Responses to “Linux web development confessions of a Dreamweaver junkie”

  1. boredandblogging Says:

    Have you tried these apps using Wine? According to, Dreamweaver should work at least on Dapper.

    Here are some steps on getting a slightly older (CS2) Photoshop working with Wine, maybe they would help with CS3

  2. f4rrest Says:

    Thanks for the tip, boredandblogging. With the flexibility of a dual-boot system, I haven’t yet used Wine or VMware, and plan to try them out… they’re both on the project list.

  3. James Says:

    You might consider Aptana ( if you don’t care for the wysiwyg interface.

  4. Dreamweaver replacement for Ubuntu Linux? « million projects Says:

    […] I’ve been trying Ubuntu (Xubuntu) Linux on a dual-boot system, and as I mentioned here, have been looking for a great replacement for Dreamweaver. Quanta Plus is one of the alternatives […]

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