Windows user converts to Ubuntu Linux

A few months back, I had an old (circa 2000) Dell Inspiron 8000 sitting around from an engineering project I did with them in a past life. It was running win2k but was still pretty sluggish by today’s standards. Was about to sell it on eBay for $20, but thought there might be a leaner OS… started looking into Linux.

Came across a review of the various Linux distros available and narrowed it down to Ubuntu — Xubuntu to be precise. Why? Xubuntu is built to run on older systems in 3rd world countries. Good. Downloaded and burned the “Live CD” so I could boot the laptop from the CD: try before you commit.

I was floored! In a couple of minutes it was up and running. And it joined my network via the wireless Orinoco card. Wow, that impressed me enough to wipe win2k out and install Xubuntu. It did require a bit of tweaking to get the proper display resolution.

Definitely worth it. In fact, I installed Xubuntu on my wife’s and mom’s new Lenovo laptops.


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