Could you and your neighbors get T1 speed on DSL or Cable Modem?

Looking at the top security stories on Digg, I happened across ShandyKings blog post telling how he inadvertently used his neighbor’s Linksys router, simply because people don’t think about changing them from the default settings. In my own neighborhood, there are half a dozen wireless access points within range.

I also have had crappy Cable Modem service and have been looking into using DSL as a backup, combining both pipes with a multi-WAN router. Redundancy, load balancing,

Hmmm. Peanut butter. Jelly… whoa, I could make a sandwich!

Imagine a 6 WAN wireless router. You could effectively collude with your neighbors to get incredible bandwidth.

Actually, last time I was in Spain, a friend of mine recommended becoming a fonero so that I could leach off the wireless access points of other foneros in my neighborhood. Since I’m so dissatisfied with my cable modem, I’m always open to alternative bandwidth, such as Anne Zelenka mentioned on webworkerdaily: particularly FiOS. Too bad we’re on ATT. For now, I’ll stick with cable modem and DSL.


3 Responses to “Could you and your neighbors get T1 speed on DSL or Cable Modem?”

  1. Geek buddy Says:

    Yeah that’s a good idea.Hey gotta go i have to chk new wifi connections in my neighbourhood. 😉

  2. Carl Says:

    wow man, i never even thought of that… great idea!
    although, it’ll be your loss if your neighbors use the internet more than you do and steal the majority of the bandwidth.
    but if you know the old man and lady next door that use thier internet for just checking emails… i’d definitly consider that idea!

  3. Carl Says:

    also, the other problem would be the strength of a single wireless multi-WAN router signal… might nto be strong enoguh to reach all your neighbors, although you could setup wireless access points within each house…

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